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bubblvicious's picture

Why would my check engine light have 4 obd2 codes, each one stating bank 1 sensor 1, bank 1 sensor 2, bank 2 sensor 1 & bank 2 sensor 2?
That all four O2 sensors are bad? At the same time? Im pretty sure there is only 3 O2 sensors on my...

lmlkehoe's picture

Hard to put into and out of gear
Slapstick wiggles

BigUgly's picture

The problem for the last year or so the motor would stop occasionally. Now it no longer runs.
I would like some help on finding the fuse for the fan. The under hood has been cked out as well as the under dash contains no fused marked as...

elittrel's picture

How do I change the oil pressure sending unit

becky.iverson's picture

The blower stopped working, then when driving down the road, it started up again. Ran fine for a day or two, then stopped. When the passenger got out & shut the door it started again. Where do I look first?

LordKhan's picture

I am going to replace my 1997 Ford Thunderbird Radiator myself. I need detailed step by step instructions on what I will need to do and the tools required to do the job. Thanks

428cj4v's picture

my cel code is 1407, egr, no flow question is: can a faulty egr regulator/solenoid cause a "no flow detected" code and the egr valve,egr feedback sensor, and egr exhaust tube be working properly?....i'm wondering if i just need a...

428cj4v's picture

let me tell ya what i did,,i replaced the ccrm/ircm and did not change a thing,,would not start..i put the old o.e.m. pump back in(put aftermarket pump in just 2 weeks ago and of course that changed nothing,would not start) and it started right...

sinwagon's picture

Theres is a rumbling sound under my car when i go to brake if im pressing hard the rumbling is louder and the steering wheel will shake and jerk im told this may be loose tie rod ends?

WheelyCool's picture

I have a 1964 Thunderbird. Its only the 390 motor with an Auto Trans'. I've just had the master-cylinder and booster reconditioned, and have just refitted both.
Because I have the Disk-Brake front end from a 1965 Thunderbird, the '65...

gtech2's picture

Charging the battery on 1993 Ford Thunderbird LX, set the charger to assist in starting the engine. Wouldn't turn over, just clicked. Then, all of a sudden, the car starts buzzing from the trunk. A little box next the the fuel pump reset, is...

marklutz's picture

i have a 1996 Ford T-bird. 3.8L V6 Auto with Air. cooling fan isn't working. Changed fan Still nothing. changed the Coolant Temperature Sensor.Still nothing. looked at all auto zone had to say on there web site.can someone tell my where to find...

ranchero10's picture

replaced cam and lifters on 1990 T Bird XL 3.8 now no oil pressure ?